Barrick Agate Bookends | Purple w/Silver Trim


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Instantly beautify your desktop or bookshelf with this set of natural Brazilian agate bookends, cut and polished from the same stone. Natural crystals formed over millions of years, these hand-selected sections of stunning agate will elegantly add a flair of geological glamour while corraling your favorite literary treasures. With an exterior surface gorgeously electroplated in rich silver, each bookend features clear plastic bumpers on underside to protect surfaces. Choose between two sizes: small and large (dimensions given). Sold as a set of two bookends.

As with any natural product like agate, coloring and formation will vary and should be considered part of what makes each piece one-of-a-kind.

Color: purple-colored agate (coloration varies) w/silver

H: 4.5″ • W: 5.5″ • D: 2″ (small)

H: 6″ • W: 7″ • D: 3″ (large)

Approximate dimensions.

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