Machina Faceted Knobs | Chrome & Nickel


Machine age precision fuses with luxurious style. These faceted knobs boast sleek hexagonal faces, exuding classic luxury and modern sensibility. Choose from two sizes (dimensions given) and two silver-colored finish options: polished nickel (shown left) or polished chrome (shown right).

To clean, use a soft and damp microfiber cloth, free of abrasive cleaners. Chemical-based cleaners (like Windex, Brass-o, 409 etc.) may strip your hardware of its metal finish or lacquered top layer.

Unlacquered finishes are considered “living.” They will oxidize and develop a natural patina over time, enhancing each hardware piece with unique character. To maintain a brighter finish, clean with a soft and damp cloth regularly.

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Dia: 1.13" • Depth: 1.5" (small)
Dia: 1.75" • Depth: 2.13" (large)
*Depth is overall projection
Finish: per selection