Maka Bar Cart | Black Lacquer


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Exuding unparalleled luxury, this stunning bar cart delivers on-the-move style designed to wet your whistle. Featuring chrome-plated railings constructed of top-quality brass, this cart’s body is finished in a glossy black lacquer. And to up the glamor factor even further, the bar cart’s rubber wheels are hidden beneath the base and the handles are formed from rich natural bone. Environmentally and animal-friendly, each bone-adorned cart offers an added dimension of luxury not often found in modern times. Since these bar carts are made-to-order with hand-selected materials and naturally shed cattle horn, customers will have the opportunity to customize preferences in horn coloration (light, medium, dark, etc.). Additional customizations may be available, please email us with any special requests.

Color: glossy black lacquer w/natural bone (color varies) & polished chrome

Size: H: 32.25 • W: 46.5” • D: 21.25″ (overall)