Stefano Glass Vases | Cool Colors


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As if inspired by watercolor paintings of the Northern Lights, these vases boast a color effect that adds atmospheric quality to the glass and allows the overlapping colors to gracefully blend. Each silhouette suggests both movement and an airy quality to maintain a graceful flow and balance that can stand on its own as a work of art. Choose from three colorways in “cool” hues (shown left to right): grey, dark blue, and teal. Purple is also available (not shown). Available in three sizes (shown left to right): tall, short, and medium.

By its nature, handmade glass varies in size, shape, and color.

Color: per selection

H: 17″ • Dia: 8″ (tall)

H: 13″ • Dia: 10″ (short)

H: 15″ • Dia: 9″ (medium)

Sizes are approximate.

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